Hey Everyone! I thought it was time to share some updates. (which I haven't done in a while!) 
If you have any questions make sure you comment down below because I love hearing from you guys! Anyways here are the updates!
  1. 2,000 views from you guys! I am so excited that this blog has reached 2,000 page views in less then a year! I hope it will get a lot more soon too!
  2. I got a new Oven! You guys might have seen in my last post that I got a new oven and if you didn't I'm telling you now! I love it! <3 You probably will be seeing more of it in more posts to come.
  3.  Hopefully I will be posting more!  I really want to post on this blog more because I haven't been posting very much! But I really hope that I will have more exciting recipes and posts to share! So please send in your requests of what you want me to make and I'll try to make it happen! 
And those are the few updates I have to share! I will post anymore updates as soon as I can! Thank you all so much for your support and comments! Love you all! <3 And keep baking lol! 
Have a great day and I'll see you next time I post! -Blogger Girl