Peppermint Brownies

Hey Bakers and chefs! Today....I will be showing you how to make these really simple peppermint brownies! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been busy as usual. And I can't promise that I'll be back every week with a new recipe but I will at least try to get one post up every month. But if you do want me to post on here more I would love it if you could leave ideas of what you would like me to post in the comments. I also wanted to mention that I changed the layout of the blog. I haven't decided if I like it or not but if I don't I might change it back. So for today's recipe I thought I would make it simple and easy to make, so I used a brownie box. So lets get baking!!

Gather your ingredients: A brownie mix, a bar of peppermint chocolate,( and ingredients that you need for the mix.)

Start off by making your brownie mix. Follow the instructions on the box.

Next chop up your chocolate into medium sized chunks. 

Place have of your brownie mix into a well greased pan. Then sprinkle your chocolate over your mixture. Then cover it with the rest of your mixture.

Then place it in the oven at the temperature that it says on your box.
After it is cooked take it out and let it cool completely before cutting and serving.

AND YOUR DONE! I really like this recipe because it brings a great taste to regular brownies. Also you can make this recipe from scratch by following my recipe on Brownies which you can find on this website. Have a great day! And I'll see you later! :) -BloggerGirl