Trail Mix

Hey All! I am so excited to share this recipe with you! Christa B. helped me out when making this! Let me know if you like the background for the recipe!! <3 
This Trail Mix can be altered for as many people as you want to share it with. It is fun and colorful and tastes so good! Let me know if you have any great trail mixes in the comments! I love hearing from you guys! So lets get started!

Step 1:
Gather your ingredients:
Nutella(optional), M&M's, Oreo's, almonds,and popcorn.
Step 2:
Chop up your Oreo's and almonds. You can chop up your m&m's if you want but I wanted to leave them whole.
Step 3:
Put all your ingredients in a bowl and drizzle your Nutella over it. (My nutella was quite thick so I added a little bit of water to it.)

Thank you guys so much! Hope you all enjoyed that! Let me know if you make it! Have a great day! And I'll see you next time I post! -Blogger Girl


  1. looks so good!! Yes I love the background!

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    1. Thanks RhodeIslandBlogger and Anonymous! I really appreciate your comments! Thanks so much for supporting Sweet Treats & Yummy Goodies!


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