Coconut Covered Banana Treat

Hey guys! :) Today I'm going to show you a cool snack that is super easy to make and is delicious! Let me know what you want me to post next! Lets get started!

Step 1: 
Gather your ingredients:
1 banana, a spoon full of peanut butter, a small bowl of shredded coconut, a cutting board. a knife, and two Popsicle sticks. 
 Step 2:
 Cut your banana in half and stick each stick on them.

Step 3:
Spread your peanut butter on your banana's. Roll them in your shredded coconut. 
And your done! Enjoy! :)


  1. Ohh so cool!And it looks really easy too! Thanks for sharing BloggerGirl!

  2. Looks yummy! I definitley want Try that.
    Do you think maybe you could do a snack that makes a lot? I want to make a dessert or fingerfood for my church potluck (dinner). So something that would feed 20+ people.... Just a suggestion!

    1. Thxs! I'll think about it! If I have a finger food recipe for a lot of people I will be sure to post it on here! Thanks for your suggestion!

  3. Looking good Blogger Girl! I'll have to try these out sometime - the only problem is two out of the four people in my house absolutely do not like coconut but I guess I can just let them miss out on the deliciousness if I make these!

  4. It's good to be back on your blog again, by the way. I haven't been on anyone's blogs too much lately but am determined to get back into the routine!

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    2. Yes it is so good and filling! Thanks for commenting!


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