Cheese Rolls

Hey, Everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make...Cheese Rolls! These are so good! And they only take 5 minutes to make! Let's get started!

Step 1:
To get started we will need to gather our ingredients and our supplies. You will need: 1 tortilla or flat bread, a small bowl of cheese(any kind of your choice), butter, a knife, and pan.
Step 2:  Cut three slices of your tortilla and spread with butter.Then sprinkle your cheese on top. 
Step : Roll your tortilla up and butter the outside.  
Step 4: Place onto your pre-heated pan and cook each side for 1 minute. Take it off and place on to a plate.
Step 5:
And now you are ready to serve! You can make as many as you want of these. But this recipe only makes three. I hope you make these delicious Cheese Rolls! If you have any requests for a recipe you want me to make then please write it down in the comments below! Have a great day and I'll see you next time I post! :) -Blogger Girl


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