Home Made Vanilla Ice cream

Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream!! 
 What you will need to make this Ice Cream:

Ingredients: 1 Liter of  heavy whipping cream               Utensils:1 mixer and a mixing bowl
1 cup of white sugar                                                        1 measuring cup      
1 tsp of vanilla                                                                 1 measuring spoon
                                                                                         a spatula
                                                                                         1 9x13 in baking pan
                                                                                          One sheet of baking paper for a 9x13 baking-
Lets get started! :)
First, mix your 1 liter of cream for 4-5 minutes. When your cream starts to stiffen up add your 1 cup of sugar little by little. Then after your sugar is mixed in with the cream pour in your vanilla and mix for 1 minute. Line your sheet of baking paper into your baking  pan. Pour your ice cream mixture in the pan and cover the top with plastic wrap. Place into your freezer. I like to leave my ice cream in the freezer over night so you can eat it the next day. But if you are planning to eat it that day leave it in for 3-4 hours. You can put what ever toppings on this dessert! I like to put chocolate chip. Please write your favorite Ice Cream toppings in the comments below! :) I hope you enjoy this home made ice cream!


  1. i love the recipe, Blogger Girl. :) : )

    1. Thanks Anonymous! This is also a fun recipe to make! :) Watch out for more posts coming out soon!

  2. when you said "white sugar", did you mean Confectioners sugar or cane sugar?

  3. Hey, I've made that before! Looks really good!

  4. #Animal Lover commented saying @Blogger Girl twice


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